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research into Purchase Outcomes

Research into Purchase Outcomes™

To date we have carried out research on more than 4.25m shopper purchases spanning 25 categories across 11 different countries.  Whilst certain nuances exist between different countries and categories, this research has uncovered the following universal truths about First Purchases:

1. First Purchases drive growth for brands
2. First Purchases are largely unplanned pre-store
3. First Purchases are more likely on smaller shopping trips
4. First Purchases are driven by immediacy and specific shopper needs or occasions
5. First Purchases are made by lighter category buyers
6. First Purchases are skewed towards smaller pack sizes with an associated lower price point
7. Secondary Displays are an effective way of winning First Purchases
8. But Price Promotions on larger pack sizes are not good drivers of First Purchases
9. Some Channels can generate 3 or 4 times more First Purchases per unit sold than others
10. The trend in First Purchases can be used to predict a brand’s future performance

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