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Bringing the reality of sharp to shopper

Bringing the reality of Sharp to shopper

The Purchase Outcomes™ Framework

Purchase Outcomes Framework

Defining Purchase Outcomes™

Sharp shows us the reality of shopper purchasing. He shows that all brands lose buyers, that most brand and category buyers are light buyers, and that growth comes from gaining more buyers. We use the Purchase Outcomes™ framework to help us appreciate this reality when trying to understand shopper behaviour, and when subsequently trying to target and influence shoppers for growth.

Purchase Outcomes™ are identified by considering every purchase in the context of the shopper’s previous purchasing and are applied separately to categories, sectors, brands and retailers.  All purchases are either First Purchases, where the shopper is buying for the first time, or Second Purchases, where the shopper has bought before.  Second Purchases are further classified as Repertoire or Regular (loyal) purchases. 


First Purchase Research has developed a proprietary set of simple questions that are used to identify Purchase Outcomes™ in any shopper study.  Longitudinal data such as panel data or loyalty card data can also be used to identify Purchase Outcomes™.

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