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Following decades of research into shopper purchasing Byron Sharp shows that “growth …. comes by gaining more buyers.”  This simple truth together with the laws that Sharp introduces in his book How Brands Grow have challenged conventional marketing wisdom and led to a focus on penetration growth by an ever-increasing number of leading fmcg companies.  We have used Sharp’s laws to help us create the Purchase Outcomes™ framework to better understand and influence shoppers.

Byron Sharp - How Brands Grow

A fresh approach inspired by sharp

 A fresh approach inspired by Sharp

First Purchase Research was founded by Barry Lemmon to provide brands and retailers with a more effective way to understand and influence shopper behaviour. He has 30 years experience of analysing purchasing data and observing shopper behaviour. He was Global Head of Retail & Shopper for TNS until 2015, and Managing Director of Kantar Worldpanel in the UK prior to that. The Purchase Outcomes™ concept was hatched during a sabbatical in 2016 and began life as a potential thesis for a PhD, before various conversations with academics, brands and agencies convinced Barry to form First Purchase Research in 2017. 

Purchase Outcomes™

Purchase Outcomes™ are identified by considering each purchase in the context of the shopper’s previous purchasing behaviour.  At the heart of the Purchase Outcomes™ framework is the understanding that “First Purchases” – those occasions when a shopper changes behaviour and buys a brand or product for the very first time – are not only essential for growth, but also different in terms of shopper behaviour and purchase influences.  We use Purchase Outcomes™ to better understand shopper behaviour, and to target and influence behaviour change.

Barry Lemmon 

We have taken some of the key learnings from Byron Sharp and How Brands Grow to create a fresh, intuitive, evidence-based approach to understanding shoppers.

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