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Benefits of Purchase Outcomes

Benefits of Purchase Outcomes

1. Targeting Shoppers

Targeting shoppers has long been problematic as the same shopper adopts a myriad of personas and shops in a number of different ways depending upon their needs at any one time.  We target the shoppers’ Purchase Outcome™ to provide a form of dynamic targeting which takes account of each shopper’s previous purchasing.  This approach enables us to de-construct growth objectives into Purchase Outcomes™, so that Sharp’s laws of growth are obeyed and realistic targets for penetration and frequency are applied.

2. Understanding Shoppers

Our research shows that shopper behaviour and purchase influences are dramatically different for First and Second Purchases.  There are also often significant differences between First and Second Purchases in terms of the product bought, the shopping trip, and the incidence of price promotions.  Viewing shopper behaviour through the lens of Purchase Outcomes™ enables us to deliver enhanced shopper insights, and avoid meaningless averages based on all category shoppers.

3. Influencing Shoppers

By targeting the shoppers’ Purchase Outcomes™ - each with a clear penetration or frequency objective – and by understanding the principal shopper influences for the different Purchase Outcomes™, we can develop and prioritise the activation strategies and tactics that will drive First Purchases, Repertoire Purchases and Regular Purchases.

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