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research into Purchase Outcomes

Research into Purchase Outcomes™

Using Kantar Worldpanel data across nearly 300 categories in the UK, and working with shopper research partners Green Shoots Research to conduct in-store observations and intercept interviews we have established that:

  1. Each brand and sector within a category has a different Purchase Outcomes™ profile

  2. Brand or sector growth is directly linked to the growth of First Purchases

  3. First Purchases are very different to Second Purchases in terms of shopper behaviour, purchase drivers and shopper influences. There are also differences in terms of the shopping trips on which First and Second Purchases occur, and the type of products bought.

  4. Growth for a brand or sector sees a predictable increase in the number of First and Second Purchases for that brand or sector. Growth targets can be expressed as the increase in First and Second Purchases required

  5. Short-term tracking of First Purchases for a brand or sector can be used to predict the future penetration and growth of that brand or sector. 

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